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Digging Deep – Dragon in Training


In around 6 weeks I’ll be towing the start line to the Dragon’s Back, which I am doing to raise money for Dartmoor Search and Rescue – Plymouth. The Dragon’s Back is such a tough challenge that I’ve been focussed and training for it since September 2016. Over the last few months I have continually …

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Finishing an ultramarathon – A beautiful state of mind

Finishing an ultra is actually pretty easy. Bare with me, it’s true. It does require a change in mindset though, so stick with it. An ultramarathon is technically any running race that is longer than a marathon. If a race is worthy of the title of “ultramarathon” then you have permission to change your race …

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Thames Trot 50 2015

If I could sum up my personal experience of this race it would be “well organised and a painful lesson in specificity!” My reason for doing the race was that I expected it to be a fairly easy 50 miler to get under my belt early in the season. This would tick the box to …

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Nun shall pass – A review of the Hope 24 Race

This is another one of my runs for charity. This time I ran in a team of 5 all dressed as nuns in the Hope 24 ultra marathon in Plympton, Devon. It was an amazing event. Check out the excerpt and follow the link to more madness. Imagine the scene: A blustery and dramatic day …

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The Oner 2014 – A SUPER tale – The Leukaemia Conclusion

I have started putting my charity race reports up on my family’s leukaemia blog. Here is an excerpt from a link to my race report for the 80 mile Oner ultra marathon held on the Dorset coastline in the UK. I competed in one of the hardest ultra marathons in the UK, the infamous Oner. …

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The Challenge – Day 2 Video Diary before

<a href="https://i0.wp.com/www.bikerunswim.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2013-07-21-05-50-41.680 informative post.jpg”> Good Morning I’ve done a short video diary before today’s run, and can’t believe that I’m going to run 32 hilly miles while feeling this tired. This challenge seemed like a good idea a few days ago! I’m pretty sure that my body will soon warm up though and the overcast …