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Finding your motivation

Motivation is a really personal thing. Nobody else can motivate you, but what they can do is help you to figure out what your unique and individual motivation is. This can be through telling you what motivates them, so you can take a small part and see if it fits and perhaps inspire you with …

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A bit about pants – X-Bionic Summerlight

I don’t know about other ultra runners, but I have spent many hours tweaking and adjusting my kit to eliminate chaffing. I have been pretty successful so far and am down to one final problem. Pants! I normally run in your basic snug fitting trunks to hold everything in place, and at shorter distances they …


It’s not about the plan – Just RUN!

Grim Fandango

Thursday – Day 3 – Wake up dead! I am trudging through the desert of no exercise. There is no end in sight and no oasis of endorphins awaiting me. I have shooting pains in my upper chest, left side of my neck and through my forehead each time that I take a deep breath. …

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South Dartmoor running and cycling adventure

South Dartmoor cycling and running loop profile On Sunday I decided to go a bit bonkers and without any additional training arranged to meet my Dad at Princetown at 9.30am, so he could support me on a mini South Dartmoor running and cycling adventure. The plan was that I would cycle the 18 miles from …