No more knee pain and how I got there by Richard Lander Stow

I have just had an article published on the Wimbledon Clinics blog about how I successfully got rid of my knee pain. You can see an excerpt below, or follow the link to see the full article.

I suffered gradually increasing knee pain throughout the last few years until it seriously hampered me in an ultra marathon. I finally had an MRI scan and went to see an orthopaedic consultant. He told me to get heel lifts, stop running and that it wouldn’t get any better. This was terrible advice for an athlete, albeit a very slow one, and it was quite the emotional blow. I am 38 and have been healthy and active for pretty much all of my adult life.My coach at the time, Neil Scholes, helped me find Jonathan Bell for a second opinion which I immediately, due to a fluke cancellation, followed with an appointment with Claire Robertson for some specialist physio advice. It turned out that I had Patella Femoral Pain or Runner’s Knee as it is commonly known. The diagnosis was a fairly simple one, but fixing the matter took several months and quite a few lifestyle changes which incorporated the advice that Jonathan and Claire gave me.

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