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Foot strike while running

I’ve just read a great article about foot strike and whether it is better to heel, mid-foot or forefoot strike when running to avoid injury. It takes a studied and pragmatic view which I totally agree with. There is an excerpt from the article below as well as a link to the full post.

For years, runners, coaches and forum posters have debated on how foot strike is connected with injury and performance.  After hours of reading, discussing, and debating, no consensus has been made.  Many people believe each person should naturally use the foot strike that they naturally prefer.  I would advise that this is a good choice.  However, something has been overlooked by most people with the focus on categorizing people into these three foot strikes.  All the discussions I’ve read have focused on the side view.  However, our ankles and feet can do much more than point up and down from a side view.  Our feet can be rotated around three different axis.

The full article was written by Ian Hunter, Associate  Professor at Brigham Young University, and can be found here.

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