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Hope 24 2015 Race Report


Last year we were nicknamed “Nuns on the Run” and we had a great time at the Hope 24 ultra marathon. It is a 24 hour race around a 5 mile hilly trail circuit at Newnham Park in South Devon. It is organised to raise money for Hope For Children and The Firefighter’s Charity. You can find out more about those here. In fact, if you enjoy this report or were there on the day and had some fun why not head over and donate a pound or two?

This year we adopted a different theme and rocked up to give it another try. We were “The League of Extraordinary Idiots” with the following cast:

  • Kim “Mostly metal” Ironman (With replacement, also Kim, Mr Incredible who failed to maintain suit integrity and will surely be punished by karma for doing so!)
  • Cam “You wont believe how sweaty PVC is!” Catwoman
  • Shirley “No, these are my real hips and not padding” Mrs Incredible
  • Stuart “Doom Bar” Schizo, at various times running as Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, A harlequin and Superman
  • Me – The Riddler

Our goal this year was not to do anywhere near as well as the year before, mostly because we weren’t in particularly great shape for the event. Kim had been in a push bike accident last summer and was still recovering from multiple broken bones, as well as being full of bits of metal to keep everything together. Other Kim was there to fill in for broken Kim after she had achieved her lap. I have had other priorities this year and was knackered before I even got to the start line. Shirley and Cam both did a great job, and Stuart hung in there but was also slower than last year. In the end we managed 130 miles compared to 150 last, so not too bad considering.

I wrote extensively about our experience at the event last year, and you can find the report here.

Last year was the inaugural year of the race and the word of mouth spread rapidly. This year the field was twice as large, but I am extremely pleased to say that it still felt like a small and friendly event. The organisers were simply excellent. They had done a lot of work to put on a high quality event and it showed. On the day there were a lot of people out there having a lot of fun with a large variety of solo entrants and different sized teams. The food from The Luff Bus was extremely good, although they didn’t bring anywhere near enough of their scrumptious burgers. The free bouncy castle for the kids was a stroke of genius, and the camp site at Newnham was just about perfect for the purpose that it served.


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