Leukemia Diary

If you can’t see anything….

If you can’t see anything here and would like access then please do email me, particularly if you are going through your own battle with AML and want more information. We are happy to share, but did not feel that it was appropriate to continue leaving the blog open to all.

In short my wife Sam was diagnosed with AML in December 2012, she went into remission a few months later, then relapsed in December 2013. After more very intensive chemotherapy she went into remission again and was able to have a stem cell transplant from an anonymous German donor. There were a few side effects over the following months and a few more hospital stays, but Sam slowly got stronger and stronger and we are hoping that we can put this terrifying episode of our lives behind us.

The full version of this blog provides specific information, not just about what our family went through but also some medical information about the treatments and side affects that my wife experienced.