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The drama begins early – CTS Marathon Dorset

After posting my preview of the Endurancelife round of the CTS at Dorset I went for a steady run with the Plymouth Tri Club. I warmed up nicely and then joined the club doing some strides. I jogged into them and led with my right foot, but as my left leg came up (high knees!) it felt like someone had stabbed me in the left hip. I tried a couple more, but dropped back into a gentle jog almost straight away. I notified the coach, Neil (Also the Club chairman) and went for a very gentle jog around the Brickfields track. This wasn’t working for me either, so I said my goodbyes, got some useful tips from Neil and drove home. Ah well I thought, a massage and a hot bath should help. That’s all well and good, but I could barely walk when I got out of the car!

I’m really hoping that it will loosen up a bit tomorrow and I’m hoping that I can turn up on Saturday and just make up the numbers. I think that even 6 hours will be ambitious with a dodgy hip.

The root cause? I’m sure that some of you are wondering if I’m overdoing it with all of this training and these monthly marathons. I agree that it is a fine line, but in this instance it is an agravation of the injury that I got when I came off of my pushbike on ice last week. Fingers crossed that it will settle for Saturday and I can get away with taking it easy.

Wish me luck, and why not donate a pound (or more!) to the reason that I’m doing all this while you are at it? The donate button is at the top of the page on the right.

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