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8 offroad marathons in 8 months – Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

Deep breath!!! I have recently entered eight offroad marathons in eight months in my build-up to Ironman Wales 2013. I think I must be going a bit bonkers… Each marathon is a part of the Coastal Trail Series (CTS) and as it’s name would suggest a significant feat of endurance taking in beaches, coastal paths, lanes and rivers. They take place all around England and Wales and there are eleven events in total. My initial aim was to do seven, so that I get their award for completing seven events in a season, however I thought that I’d better enter eight to allow for one DNS or DNF (did not start/finish). You get a discount for entering more than four at a time, hence entering them all at once. The events that I’ve chosen are as follows and I’ll be wearing my Muscular Dystrophy Campaign vest for all of them:

  1. 6th Oct – Pembrokeshire
  2. 10th nov – Gower
  3. 8th Dec – Dorset
  4. 19th Jan – Anglesey
  5. 9th Feb – South Devon
  6. 23rd March – Sussex
  7. 13th April – Exmoor
  8. 26th May – Flete

As well as all of this I have a number of other running races, cycling sportives and triathlons lined up. I figure that if I can get through everything that I have planned then an Ironman should be fairly straightforward. Please head over to my Just Giving page and support me now, you can donate as little as £1, so how about donating £1 for every event that I complete?

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