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A trip to the Sports Science Lab – Marjons

Introduction A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of popping into the Marjon Sports Science Lab to do some tests. I had just taken on a new coach (Charles Miron of Solo Sport Systems) and he likes his athletes to get their Lactate Threshold checked out. He then uses this to precisely set …

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Review – Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeved

Dryrobe Advance in the wild

When you go wild swimming you will broadly find three main methods for getting changed: The fast strip and go (for the less shy amongst us) The towel wrap, fumble, stagger, flash, panic….. (For the more shy amongst us) The “I’ve bought my own portable changing room” Dryrobe users (for the “well-to-do” wild swimmer) It …

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Finding your motivation

Motivation is a really personal thing. Nobody else can motivate you, but what they can do is help you to figure out what your unique and individual motivation is. This can be through telling you what motivates them, so you can take a small part and see if it fits and perhaps inspire you with …

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How do you train for Ivybridge Everest?

Stood on the top of “my” hill, Western Beacon. A few days after Ivybridge Everest. When I was on the hill last weekend for my Ivybridge Everest quite a few folk asked me how I trained for such a thing. My answer was initially quite trite. It was simply “well, I didn’t.” Obviously I didn’t …

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How to do a proper hamstring stretch – Kinetic Revolution

I found this video to be extremely informative, and also found out that when I thought I had been stretching my hamstring I had in fact been doing something entirely different click this over here now. Give it a try. Hamstring strech vs sciatic tension. You can access the full article from Kinetic Revolution here.

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Video running technique analysis – Is it worth it?

On Saturday morning I joined the Plymouth Triathlon Club for a one off session of video running technique analysis. The club called in Neil Scholes from for the day to do the analysis. Was it worth it? Read on to find out.

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An introduction to barefoot running

When I went for my easy run yesterday I did something that most runners would consider rather unusual: I took my shoes off. I have soft pampered feet so I waited until I came off the trails and found a smooth bit of tarmac in the hope that it wouldn’t hurt too much. I removed …

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Foot strike while running

I’ve just read a great article about foot strike and whether it is better to heel, mid-foot or forefoot strike when running to avoid injury. It takes a studied and pragmatic view which I totally agree with. There is an excerpt from the article below as well as a link to the full post. For years, runners, coaches and …

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Do you carry emergency ID while you are exercising?

I find it’s something that I rarely think about, but occasionally while I’m running through a remote section of woodland, moorland or coastline I realise that if something were to happen to me then I’d probably end up as one of those bodies that you see in an episode of Bones, Cold Case or CSI. …