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Review – Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeved

Dryrobe Advance in the wild

When you go wild swimming you will broadly find three main methods for getting changed: The fast strip and go (for the less shy amongst us) The towel wrap, fumble, stagger, flash, panic….. (For the more shy amongst us) The “I’ve bought my own portable changing room” Dryrobe users (for the “well-to-do” wild swimmer) It …

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The importance of running socks

Decent running socks are an important and much overlooked piece of equipment. Good socks will last a long time and help to prevent foot problems, bad socks will cause not only surface issues such as blisters but can cause worse problems too. For me a good sock must do two things. It must: Last a …

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A bit about pants – X-Bionic Summerlight

I don’t know about other ultra runners, but I have spent many hours tweaking and adjusting my kit to eliminate chaffing. I have been pretty successful so far and am down to one final problem. Pants! I normally run in your basic snug fitting trunks to hold everything in place, and at shorter distances they …

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A bit about Honey Stinger Waffles

You wont like them, so you’d better send yours to me. Don’t worry I’ll put them to good use and they don’t taste at all delicious…. You may gather that I like these quite a lot. They taste great, are organic and are also great energy food. If you ever find me collapsed at the side of …

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Clif Shot Gel Review

My latest box of goodies arrived in the form of chocolate flavoured Clif Shot Gels from I spend a lot of time either running or cycling quite a long way, so tend to survive off of real food quite a lot of the time. If I do find myself doing something shorter though, then I am …

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Nike Free v5 – 2014 model – Preview

Regular readers will know that I regularly log my road miles in  a pair of obnoxiously coloured Nike Free v4.0 trainers and I have quite comfortably taken them up to marathon distance. There are a bunch of things that I like about them but I think that it can be summed up in two bullet …

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Hoka One One Stinson Evo Shoe Review

If you’ve read my shoe preview, here, then you will know why I was spurred on to give these shoes a try. In short I ran with someone using them and after 7.5 hours of running he was still extolling their virtues. I then read up on them and decided that they would be worth …

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Vivobarefoot Breatho Review

Yesterday my latest “gadget” arrived in the form of the Vivobarefoot Breatho trail running shoe. As the name would suggest it is a minimalist barefoot running style shoe. The Breatho is the trail running version, so it is a little bit heavier, with more tread on the bottom and a more robust outer to protect the shoe …