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Beacons Ultra 2016

Welcome to my race report/review of the Brecon Beacons Ultra 2016. It is a challenging event in a beautiful location and features a 23 mile loop which you do twice. There are only two hills on it, nothing to worry about. It’s also held in the remote welsh countryside in November and the weather is …

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Eden Project Marathon 2016

Welcome to my report on the Eden Project Marathon 2016. Last Sunday (16th October 2016) I ran the Eden Project Marathon. It was my second time at it, and this time I was going “covert.” The first time I ran it dressed as Batman alongside a friend dressed as Robin, and I fooled myself into thinking …

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Review – Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeved

Dryrobe Advance in the wild

When you go wild swimming you will broadly find three main methods for getting changed: The fast strip and go (for the less shy amongst us) The towel wrap, fumble, stagger, flash, panic….. (For the more shy amongst us) The “I’ve bought my own portable changing room” Dryrobe users (for the “well-to-do” wild swimmer) It …

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The Ox Marathon 2016

Yesterday I got up bright and early and drove two hours over to Wiltshire and the Rushmore Park Golf Club for the start of the 2016 Ox Marathon. It is organised by White Star Running, much like the Larmer Tree Marathon that I took part in a few weeks ago. It was in similar terrain …

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Endurancelife Pembrokeshire CTS Marathon 2016

I took part in the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series (CTS) Marathon on Pembrokeshire yesterday (30th April 2016) and it was a perfect example of how good Endurancelife events can be. The weather was glorious with a slightly chilly wind, clear blue skies and most people being surprised by just how hot it got. The grounds …

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The Larmer Tree Marathon Report

I finished the 2016 Larmer Tree Marathon organised by White Star Running yesterday. It was my first White Star Running event and it certainly wont be my last. I heard about their events when I was chatting to a lady on another marathon. We started talking about the motivational/funny signs that some of the spectators …

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Thames Trot 50 – 2016

The Thames Trot 50 for 2016 was the first of my nemesis races for this year. It beat me least year quite substantially and I was returning to finish the job. The race is pretty straightforward, starting from the Hawkwell House Hotel in Iffley and running around fifty miles along the Thames Path to Henley. …

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Dover Marathon Coastal Trail Series 2016

There were more reasons for me not to do the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series (CTS) Marathon in Dover than there were for me to do it. In the interest of banality I shall list them: The expense (275 miles each way plus a night stop) Half a day off work for travelling The fact that …

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The importance of running socks

Decent running socks are an important and much overlooked piece of equipment. Good socks will last a long time and help to prevent foot problems, bad socks will cause not only surface issues such as blisters but can cause worse problems too. For me a good sock must do two things. It must: Last a …