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Kinetic Revolution Train Smarter Podcast – Interview

Last month I was interviewed by Kinetic Revolution for their Train Smarter podcast. They wanted to know more about what makes me tick, why I am running in all these silly costumes and what I am doing for charity. I had fun doing it, but I’m too embarrassed to listen to it. If you fancy …

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Do you carry emergency ID while you are exercising?

I find it’s something that I rarely think about, but occasionally while I’m running through a remote section of woodland, moorland or coastline I realise that if something were to happen to me then I’d probably end up as one of those bodies that you see in an episode of Bones, Cold Case or CSI. …

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Heart Rate 101

Image from At they’ve got a nice little article that introduces you to your heart rate (HR) and the heart rate zones. Now while I don’t often exercise with a HR monitor I do believe that it is useful to understand what your heart is doing and how that reflects on your effort, …

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Heart attacks during sport – Do I need to worry?

There have been a lot of high profile sportsmen collapsing recently, with most of them ultimately dieing. Possibly the highest profile incident was the collapse of Bolton Wanderers mid-fielder Fabrice Muamba, who is fortunately pulling through at the time of writing. This is just as tragic for the families of the sportsmen/women as it is …

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John Bishop’s Sport Relief Challenge

After a couple of nights away on work I returned yesterday evening and sat down just in time to watch “John Bishop’s Sport Relief Hell” on BBC. If you didn’t manage to catch it then I can thoroughly recommend it as it just goes to show what you can do if you are stubborn enough. …