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The drama begins early – CTS Marathon Dorset

After posting my preview¬†of the Endurancelife¬†round of the CTS at Dorset I went for a steady run with the Plymouth Tri Club. I warmed up nicely and then joined the club doing some strides. I jogged into them and led with my right foot, but as my left leg came up (high knees!) it felt …

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Coastal Trail Series – Pembrokeshire Preview

In 48 hours time I anticipate being so tired that my legs no longer feel like my own. I will be just starting to discover sore places on my body where my kit has been rubbing from the previous 5 hours spent running, jumping and clambering around the welsh countryside. There will be the occasional …

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Ironman for Charity Update 26th July 2012

It has been an entertaining few weeks. The gentle run that I mentioned in my last diary update was made more interesting by thick fog, but I managed to stay more or less on track. Since then I have competed in the Frome half marathon which was an amazing event with lots of support and …

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8 offroad marathons in 8 months – Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

Deep breath!!! I have recently entered eight offroad marathons in eight months in my build-up to Ironman Wales 2013. I think I must be going a bit bonkers… Each marathon is a part of the Coastal Trail Series (CTS) and as it’s name would suggest a significant feat of endurance taking in beaches, coastal …