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Ironman pacing for the beginner

I am about to do my first full Ironman and I thought that some of you might be interested to know how I have come up with an Ironman pacing strategy. I have learnt a lot about pacing from doing a variety of long distance events from cycle sportives to triathlons to ultra marathons and the …

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Ironman for Charity Update 26th July 2012

It has been an entertaining few weeks. The gentle run that I mentioned in my last diary update was made more interesting by thick fog, but I managed to stay more or less on track. Since then I have competed in the Frome half marathon which was an amazing event with lots of support and …

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John Bishop’s Sport Relief Challenge

After a couple of nights away on work I returned yesterday evening and sat down just in time to watch “John Bishop’s Sport Relief Hell” on BBC. If you didn’t manage to catch it then I can thoroughly recommend it as it just goes to show what you can do if you are stubborn enough. …