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Dragon’s Back 2017 – Tracking and Dragon Mail


Please donate to my cause, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth – HERE I thought I’d give you a quick update with a couple of days to go before Dragon’s Back 2017. Read on for an update on how to track and message me during the race, as well as a bit of info about …

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Dragon’s Back 2017 – Bike Run Swim – Press Release

Ivybridge Adventurer to tackle the hardest 5 day running race in the world! By Richard Lander Stow 8th May 2017 THE DRAGON’S BACK race is widely renowned as the toughest five day running race in the world, and it starts for the fourth time on Monday 22nd May 2017. On the start line will be …

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Digging Deep – Dragon in Training


In around 6 weeks I’ll be towing the start line to the Dragon’s Back, which I am doing to raise money for Dartmoor Search and Rescue – Plymouth. The Dragon’s Back is such a tough challenge that I’ve been focussed and training for it since September 2016. Over the last few months I have continually …

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The three stages of an ultramarathon

The 3 ultramarathon stages Generally when I run an ultramarathon I find that I go through three distinct stages. This will be different for everyone, and ideally my race would be a little more balanced, so this isn’t something you should be aiming for. If I was perfect then I guess there would be no …

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Eden Project Marathon 2016

Welcome to my report on the Eden Project Marathon 2016. Last Sunday (16th October 2016) I ran the Eden Project Marathon. It was my second time at it, and this time I was going “covert.” The first time I ran it dressed as Batman alongside a friend dressed as Robin, and I fooled myself into thinking …

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Fire and Ice Ultra Marathon 2016


About 8 months ago I came across Fire and Ice, the toughest foot race in Iceland, and was beguiled by the pictures of shooting lava, northern lights and a really good challenge. It is a 250km stage race over 6 days and challenging terrain. A few weeks later I signed up. Now skip ahead to …

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Announcing a DNS and Ivybridge Everest Mark 2

Well, I was meant to be heading up to the Giant’s Head Marathon this morning, but have decided to listen to my body for once. I have been pushing on a lot this year and have achieved things that just a few years ago I would not have thought possible on their own, let alone …

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Putting the chimp back in its box

When looking at the mental aspect of endurance sport few make this complex topic make sense more than Professor Steve Peters in his book The Chimp Paradox. Prof Steve talks about the chimp that we all have inside us. This is the internal voice that is designed to keep you alive. It is loud, powerful …

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Plymouth Half Marathon 2016

Showing off my medal

Wisely or not I booked myself a spot on the Plymouth Half Marathon 2016. It was using a familiar route with a downhill start followed by a flat section, then a couple of climbs along Billacombe Road and into the grounds of Saltram House. The route finishes with a long climb from the Barbican back …

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Finishing an ultramarathon – A beautiful state of mind

Finishing an ultra is actually pretty easy. Bare with me, it’s true. It does require a change in mindset though, so stick with it. An ultramarathon is technically any running race that is longer than a marathon. If a race is worthy of the title of “ultramarathon” then you have permission to change your race …