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John Bishop’s Sport Relief Challenge

John Bishop
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After a couple of nights away on work I returned yesterday evening and sat down just in time to watch “John Bishop’s Sport Relief Hell” on BBC. If you didn’t manage to catch it then I can thoroughly recommend it as it just goes to show what you can do if you are stubborn enough. It will be on iPlayer for another couple of weeks. The challenge was indeed a worthy one, he spent 18 hours cycling from Paris to Sangatte before having two hours sleep and climbing into a rowing boat with Freddy Flintoff, Davina McCall and Denise Lewis to row the channel. When he got to England he then ran the equivalent of three marathons in three days to bring him to the finish at London. It was an amazing achievement and he had a lot of support along the way from numerous celebrities. What I found truly stunning was simply the level of support that he received along the route and all of the people that had gathered to cheer him on. As it was so high profile it did mean that he didn’t really to have a choice but to finish or die trying, however it is very difficult for many people to understand the level of pain that he must have gone through, particularly in those last three days. It must have felt like it would never end, but he ran on and still found time to acknowledge his supporters. Then, just when he finished and must have simply wanted to find a dark corner to lie down in he managed to stand up in front of everybody to hear just how much he’d managed to raise so far. I’ve just checked the Sport Relief website and he’s now on just under £1.7million.

I think it’s absolutely brilliant and if John can complete such a challenge then surely all of us can find time to get out there and challenge our selves. It doesn’t matter what level you are at or what your challenge is, but get out there and do something. If you haven’t done so already get on over and sponsor John for his amazing achievement.

You can follow Sport Relief on Twitter here

You can follow John Bishop on Twitter here.

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