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A bit about Honey Stinger Waffles

You wont like them, so you’d better send yours to me. Don’t worry I’ll put them to good use and they don’t taste at all delicious….

Honey Stingers

You may gather that I like these quite a lot. They taste great, are organic and are also great energy food. If you ever find me collapsed at the side of an ultra marathon or cycle sportive with unfocused eyes, a distended belly and an empty backpack then it’s because I had to keep having just one more!

In the words of the manufacturer:

A thin layer of honey infused with natural strawberry flavor and sandwiched between two thin waffles. The subtle fruit taste of strawberry and honey will satisfy your taste buds and keep you going as an afternoon snack, during your favorite activity or go great with your cup of coffee or tea. Certified USDA organic.

Honey Stinger Waffles are almost always in my back pocket while running and cycling and these days I tend to use them instead of energy gels. They always seem to go down nicely, without the acid reflux that can follow a gel, and I haven’t yet got myself into such an exhausted state that a Honey Stinger wasn’t tempting. Those of you that know me will appreciate that it isn’t for a want of trying.

I do have a small criticism though and that is for the packaging. The snug foil wrappers are a little too tricky to get open. I can’t manage it on a bike without ending up in a hedge, so I unwrap them before riding and pop them into individual food bags. While running the packaging isn’t too bad unless you have freezing cold fingers or are 30 miles or more into an ultra marathon and are too weak and pathetic to be able to rip them open. 😉

Anyway, I got mine from if you fancy giving them a try for yourself. I would try one of the other flavours, but the strawberry waffles are just too good and somehow they always end up in my basket first 🙂

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