Month: January 2016

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Dover Marathon Coastal Trail Series 2016

There were more reasons for me not to do the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series (CTS) Marathon in Dover than there were for me to do it. In the interest of banality I shall list them: The expense (275 miles each way plus a night stop) Half a day off work for travelling The fact that …

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How do you train for Ivybridge Everest?

Stood on the top of “my” hill, Western Beacon. A few days after Ivybridge Everest. When I was on the hill last weekend for my Ivybridge Everest quite a few folk asked me how I trained for such a thing. My answer was initially quite trite. It was simply “well, I didn’t.” Obviously I didn’t …

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The importance of running socks

Decent running socks are an important and much overlooked piece of equipment. Good socks will last a long time and help to prevent foot problems, bad socks will cause not only surface issues such as blisters but can cause worse problems too. For me a good sock must do two things. It must: Last a …