Month: July 2013

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The Challenge – Full Report

Why? The reason for setting myself the moderately ludicrous challenge of swimming more than 2.4 miles, cycling more than 112 miles and then running further than a marathon sounds even worse when I write it down. Originally I was going to be competing in Ironman Wales this year which features those very distances, all to …

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The Challenge – Day 2 Video Diary before

<a href=" informative post.jpg”> Good Morning I’ve done a short video diary before today’s run, and can’t believe that I’m going to run 32 hilly miles while feeling this tired. This challenge seemed like a good idea a few days ago! I’m pretty sure that my body will soon warm up though and the overcast …

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New Sponsor: Abernethy – Live the Adventure


I would like to say a big thank you to Abernethy who have recently come on board as a sponsor for my participation in The Ocean Floor Race. I have worked with them in a professional capacity for a number of years and they are a wonderful and caring organisation. You can see a promotional video below …