Month: June 2013


Badwater ultrarunner Scott Jurek’s tips for running in the hot hot heat | New York Daily News

Scott Jurek knows heat. The 37-year-old ultrarunner has run the body-battering 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon in blistering temperatures through California’s punishing Death Valley twice. “I’ve been in extreme heat,” Jurek said in a recent phone chat. And he has tips on how runners can better battle through hot weather safely and with smarts. Perhaps surprisingly the uber-athlete does …


Bret Dunlap Discovered Running and It Changed His Life | Runner’s World

This is an amazing and heart rending read, but well worth taking the time out of your day to do so. If you need some inspiration to get you out and running then this will surely do so. Here is one of my favourite sections. Click on the link below it for the full story …


7 Ultrarunning Myths That Hold You Back –

This is a great article that talks about the some of the reasons/excuses for why people don’t run ultra marathons. I agree with all of them to some degree or other and have so far found ultra running to be an eye opening experience. One of my favourite sections reads as follows: Ultra running is like …

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Ocean Floor Race – Announcement and business opportunity

I have some very exciting news to announce: I have been given a fantastic opportunity to compete in, and blog about, the Ocean Floor Race in October of this year. For those of you that haven’t heard of it, here is an overview of what is involved. The Ocean Floor Race is a non-stop footrace …


Navigating The Running Shoe Maze

Here is a snippet from Triathlete Europe to help you choose the correct running shoe. Well, actually it doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin, but it does have a good moral. Essentially it uses a golfing metaphor to point out that you shouldn’t just use one pair of shoes all of the …


It’s not about the plan – Just RUN!

Grim Fandango

Thursday – Day 3 – Wake up dead! I am trudging through the desert of no exercise. There is no end in sight and no oasis of endorphins awaiting me. I have shooting pains in my upper chest, left side of my neck and through my forehead each time that I take a deep breath. …